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Now that you are enthralled by the wonderful carvings available here at The Bone Studio & Gallery, you want to order something, right? Excellent!

Please bear in mind that none of the artists displayed enjoy mass production. We would all prefer to do each piece at least slightly different. Having said that, please feel free to enquire/order anything you see, change something a little (or a lot!), send your own design (no matter how rough), choose your own material, artist and size of piece, or ask us to create something from just a concept! We will then come up with a complete design and as accurate a quote as possible.

For many commissions, we require a 20% deposit up front with the balance cleared through our bank before the piece is sent. Within reason, we can photograph and send/e-mail the finished piece for approval.

You can then pay us the following ways. Remember, we are a small, quality organisation and New Zealand banks and internet providers are a little primitive.

Payment via Credit Card
(Visa or MasterCard ONLY)

  • Full name
  • Billing Address
  • Card Number
  • Expiry Date
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Payment via Western Union Money transfer

Payable to

Send Orders To

Charge by Phone!

I have arranged to accept credit cards for purchases. However, as our products are all originals, I ask that you phone (or e-mail) to confirm availability and provide your credit card details.

Office Hours are 9:00am to 5:00pm local time in New Zealand.

Time in NZ
(based on your clock and UTC)

Please note that phone and fax are considered more secure but, as we area small business, we are not a target for e-mail fraud so you can feel safe using e-mail to transmit these details as it is more convenient and less expensive!

Please be patient awaiting for a response due to health considerations.
Mail: The Bone Studio and Gallery
6B Bryce St
Whitianga 3510
New Zealand

Please include all details — and don't forget your e-mail address!

The address of the cardholder must be the same as the mailing address for the carving. We will send your purchase (with any instructions for its care) as soon as the payment clears.


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