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Nothing beats hands-on instruction but, until many "net carvers" actually get down here to Aotearoa (New Zealand), it's difficult to get started carving. It's even more difficult without knowing which tools and materials to purchase so I will list the most essential purchases in the order they are used.


Bone Carving © by Steven Myhre


It's a good idea to know where you are headed before you start. My favourites are:


My millennium project, a hobbyist's video on bone carving, didn't happen (it may yet happen one day — but don't hold your breath!) However, there's enough information on this page that you should have a good start.

If you're interested in gravers, I include instructions with each graver set but it's no substitute for proper instruction!


The rear shin bone of a cow is the preferred bone for most carvers.


Set of 3 Gravers
NZ$100 + NZ$20 pack & post

Three Gravers

Remember, you are creating Taonga (treasures) that may be around for centuries. Make them with respect and care so that someone will want to pass them on to their children.

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